This is a read only archive of our old wiki. The updated wiki can be found here.

The Perth Artifactory Wiki

This is the shared online workspace for all members of the Perth Artifactory, WA's largest hackerspace.

  • Membership - Details of what types of membership are available, benefits, etc.
  • New Members Guide - Just signed on the dotted line? Here are pointers to get you started.
  • Artifactory Access - How to get to us and how to get in to start making
  • TidyHQ - Information on our membership management system.
  • Events / Workshops - Regular activities hosted at the space.
  • Tool Register - A comprehensive list of the tools and equipment available for use at the Artifactory
  • Areas Overview - An overview of the work areas, amenities and facilities at the Perth Artifactory.
  • Shopping - Links on where to Get Cool Stuff for your crazy projects. Share and enjoy those esoteric links to weird parts.
  • HowTo - Artifactory How To Do Stuff guides…
  • Projects - Member projects past, present, and proposed.
  • Webcam - Live Feed to the Artifactory to see if there are already members at the space who have opened up
  • Artifactory Github - Repos for code, design files and docs for Artifactory projects and infrastructure
  • Incident Report - This report helps in documenting the exact details of incidents or near misses to people or property at the Artifactory while they are fresh in the minds of those who witnessed the event. Everyone has a duty to report incidents.
  • Committee - The committee runs the Artifactory on behalf of the members. Minutes, issues, members - all here.
  • Subcommittee Zone - Various subcommittees exist to improve our infrastructure, run events, etc. More info on all that here.
  • By-laws - Committee ruling that supplement the consitution
  • Branding - Artifactory desktops, logos, shirts etc etc
  • Annual Reports - Reports presented at the AGM each year.
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